Saturday, October 31, 2009

John's medical condition - HALLOWEEN

John is improving. Though his condition is still very serious, we have some significant medical milestones to be thankful for.
* When John arrived at St. Vincent's he was being given 100% oxygen through the ventilator and his blood oxygen level was only in the 60's - which is not good. Now, he is on only 50% oxygen through the ventilator, the pressure of forced air is lower and John's blood oxygen level is in the mid-90's - which is very good.
* John is still on dialysis...primarally to take the work-load off his kidneys and allow them to recover from having to work so hard in the past. (Kidneys are usually able to rejuvinate themselves fairly well, so we are praying for that to be the case with John.)
* John was actually on his back for 14 hours yesterday. This is a great sign that John is improving. (Being on his back makes it more difficult for him to breathe. The fact that he did well on his back for an extended time...and continues to be weaned to lower levels of life very encouraging.)


Any messages, offers for help, etc. can be sent directly to this email address:

All emailed messages will be posted to this blog...and will be collected so John can read them when he is well.

No specific plans have been made for events, fundraisers, etc...but we encourage you to send us your ideas, suggestions and offers for help. Soon we can take a look at what we have to work with and make some plans.

A message from Karen Chapman

Karen wishes to thank all of you for your kind thoughts, prayers and offers to help. At her request, Chappy's Team is going develop a special email address that you can send messages to John, offers to help, etc. Karen said "I think it's important to let those who know and love John to have a place where they can comment and share their thoughts. I know John will enjoy reading all of the messages when he's better." At Karen's request, the Team will begin to post communications from the public on this blog. Stay tuned for the email address...and more info.

Keep John and his family in your prayers -- they are working. John is improving...

Close friend visits John

Close family friend, Neal Dundas, was able to visit John yesterday. John is still sedated, and in an isolation they were not able to talk. However Neal was able to see the "state of the art" bed that John has been in for several days. The special bed allows John to lay on his stomach, suspended by an oscillating apparatus which helps John to breathe. Neal said "It's hard to see John like this...because the John we know is so full of life and energy. But he is making small improvements and we're looking forward to seeing John full of energy again."

Friday, October 30, 2009

John is ready for Halloween

You won't be surprised to know that John has made a "splash" with the medical staff at St. Vincent's. After holding her tongue for several days...a nurse final mustered enough nerve to ask Karen why John's toenails were painted pink. Karen explained that during John's recent birthday celebration, his daughters were painting their toenails...and John decided to join in the fun. The girls did a nice job on John's toes...and now the St. Vincent's staff are getting a chuckle over it. When one nurse said to Karen..."Boy, he's going to be very embarrassed when he wakes up and finds his toenails pink." Karen replied..."You don't know John very well."

Reports of John's hair looking "scary" -- along with the pink toenails -- tells us John is ready for Halloween!


As of 10:00am -- John is stable - with no significant change in his condition. Rumors have been spreading about a "heart problem." This is not true. Here are the facts:
  • John's heart rate slowed down a bit last night. Karen was informed and went to the hospital.
  • It was NOT a major problem...and John's heart rate normalized with a dose of medication.
  • John is receiving lots of fluids with his IV antibiotics. The fluids have made John a bit "puffy" and can create a few issues along the way. However, these episodes are generally not serious and are resolved with minor medication adjustments.

EDITORS NOTE: We know that there were reports this morning at the Chamber breakfast, based upon a family member's FaceBook entries, that greatly exaggerated the facts about John's episode last night. PLEASE keep in mind that the family's personal FaceBook, emails, diaries, etc are just that ...personal. They reflect "real time" emotions and are often shared before the full facts are known. Let's honor the wishes of the Chapman Family by minimizing speculation and the spread of inaccurate and negative rumors. We want to create positive energy full of hope and expectations for a full recovery for John.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

1.Calls offering support are pouring in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. Why this BLOG?

The Seaside community is supporting John and his family with many prayers and offers of support. Ideas for fundraisers are being tossed around. In addition, "CHAPPY'S TEAM" has received offers today for lodging, professional services, additional cell phones for the family, how to handle floral arrangements and more. If you have any suggestions or offers of support, please contact one of "CHAPPY'S TEAM."


It's important that we all respect the privacy and wishes of the Chapman family at this time. Karen and the children have a lot to deal with now, and clarifying facts and dispelling misinformation and rumors is an unpleasant drain on the family. That's why we created this keep all who know and love John informed, while lightening the burden of communication from the family. To that end, the following has been done:
  • Development of this blog
  • Seaside School Superintendent, Doug Dougherty, has notified the schools about this blog
  • The Seaside Chamber of Commerce has emailed it's membership about this blog.
  • The Rotary Club of Seaside has emailed it's membership about this blog.

Daughter Erin returns from Thailand Student Exchange

Erin has been in Thailand on a Rotary Youth Exchange. She returned to Oregon this morning to be with her family. We are happy that she is home, safe and sound, and with her family to give and receive support.

Donations for Chappy & Family - HOW YOU CAN HELP!

In lieu of flowers or other gifts, we encourage you to make a donation at the Seaside branch of Sterling Savings Bank. Make checks payable to CHAPMAN FAMILY FUND. Checks may be mailed to STERLING SAVINGS BANK, 761 Ave. "G" , Seaside, OR 97138 Current financial needs include lodging for family members staying near the hospital in Portland, meals, etc. In addition, continued medical expenses will be overwhelming.

A fundraiser is being planned...details will be shared on this blog as they develop.

If you would like to make a NON-cash donation of goods or services towards our fundraiser...please contact one of us.


Robin Knoll (9-4-9 fm Office Manager) - 503-440-1590 (
Deb Treusdell (Seaside Rotary) - 503-739-2030 (
Neal Dundas (Family Representative - Dundee's Owner)- 503-717-3010
Cal Brady (9-4-9 fm Owner) - 503-738-8668

John is at St. Vincent's

John is currently in an isolation ward at Providence St. Vincent's Hospital PLEASE DO NOT SEND FLOWERS. John is unable to receive anything in his room. If you wish to send a card - Address it to John Chapman, c/o Providence St. Vincent's Hospital, 9205 SW Barnes Rd., Portland, OR 97225 ROOM 112.

John Chapman develops serious illness



A little over a week ago John contracted the H1N1 virus also known as the swine flu. It progressed to pneumonia and from there to a serious life-threatening situation. John was admitted to Providence Seaside Hospital and then to their ICU. He was placed on a ventilator to help his breathing. A day after being placed in the ICU, the doctors transferred John by ambulance to a hospital in the Portland area -- which has extensive facilities for dealing with this type of complication. He's in their ICU right now.

It has been touch and go but as of right now, John appears to be getting better in small but significant ways.

There are some rumors about his condition and we want you to know, for example, he is NOT in a coma. He is under heavy sedation because of the effects of the ventilator but can be brought out of that at any time. Karen Chapman, and family, appreciate the concerns expressed by many of you. She asks that you pray for John, and visit this blog for any updates. ANY NEW DEVELOPMENTS WILL BE POSTED ON THIS BLOG IN A TIMELY MANNER. UPDATES WILL ALSO BE BROADCAST ON JOHN'S RADIO STATION 94.9 fm (KCBZ). If you should have any questions, please contact Deb Treusdell, Seaside Rotary President 503-739-2030 or Robin Knoll 503-440-1590.