Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank You For All Your Love ,Prayers and Support From John Chapman

Well where do I start, Oct 26th, 2009 changed my life, my families and your life. What a rocky road we all went down, but together we all came through it. Most of you have heard the story but basically I contracted a virus that they are still learning about and it almost took my life. At one point I was on 4 different types of life support systems which included Kidney Failure, Low Blood Pressure, Failed Digestive System and Collapsed Lung. There were so many other serious issues that occurred including my heart stopping on a couple of occasions. I have lots of little scares from where the doctors and nurses brought me back to survival..a reminder for years to come of how lucky I was to have such professional people looking after me. Of course the best news is I overcame the odds and have been blessed with life. 35 days in ICU, 65 days in total in a hospital bed is more than i would ever wish on any one. But..... the out going support and prayers from all of you truly was a god send and helped me pull through this. Words can not explain how grateful my family are to each and everyone of you who took whatever time to be thoughtful of my I simply say this ..I love you all..thank you.
The fund raisers have been received with huge thanks , it truly has taken the pressure off of recovery.. Thank you again. The road ahead is one of healing and learning. Especially my wife Karen, who was a rock through this whole thing and continues to be so, faith and trust in Gods work really did make my existence a miracle. I believe we have all learned something, the value of friendship, quality of life not only for ourselves but also for each other and we need each other ..which is unbelievable power.
I have a slow recovery road ahead so please keep your prayers and thoughts coming. Please note there is some changes that's have been made if you making or have made a donation at Sterling Savings Bank, the account is now under the name "John Chapman Account". We are pleased to say that from the support of the Providence family and our extended family here locally and from around the world we should be able to cover our expenses incurred..Thank you again. At this point if your considering making a donation please feel free to contact Karen and I before you do, you can reach us at home at 503-738-5590 or email me at
I do want to send out a special thanks to Deb, Cal, Robin and Kathy for keeping my updates and progress as current as possible. Words don't express the gratitude to Neil and Stacey Dundas and Karen and Eric Nelson ..and to all of you in time I will thank you personally because I plan on being here for a long long time to come

John and Karen Chapman xxxxx

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year! John goes Home!

John has been released from the hospital to continue his rehab at home. This is the best news we've had yet.

Thank you to everyone who has kept John and Karen and the whole family in their thoughts and prayers over the past nine weeks. We couldn't have made it without you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He's coming to Seaside!

Cal spoke with John Monday night and here's his report.

JC gets out of St. Vincent's in Beaverton and off dialysis as of TODAY.
Later in the day he'll be transfering to Seaside Providence for a period of rehabilitation- the length of which is unknown. BUT, he'll be a mile away from his home for Christmas.
Yesterday he talked with two of his ICU docs. A Resident at St. Vincent's said when John came in, he was the sickest patient he'd ever treated. The other doctor said JC was most certainly in the top 10% of the most ill he has ever treated. Today , JC comes back , closer to home turf, not bad for a patient that was at one time, "the sickest person in the entire hospital". Let's give JC and his family some privacy over the Holidays and then we'll update Blog readers when we see some light at the end of the tunnel for his Seaside-based rehab.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Medical Update and more...

We have good news. John's kidney's are starting to work again. This means that he may be removed from Dialysis by the first part of next week. Also, the doctors are talking about moving John out of St. Vincents. If they do move him, he'll either go to Providence East Side or come back to Seaside. This could happen as early as Tuesday, the 22nd.

Also, we'd like to wish John and Karen's daughter Erin a safe trip back to Thailand. As you may recall, she was in Thailand on a Rotary exchange when her dad became ill.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seaside Signal Story

John and Karen gave an interview to the Seaside Signal this week. You can find the story in the Dec. 17-23rd issue.

Monday, December 14, 2009


It's time to get caught up on e-mails that have been sent to

Friday, December 11, 2009


Deb here.. I haven't been on the BLOG much lately, as I've had my own two-week battle with H1N1. Couldn't make it to the big fundraiser tonight, but just got off the phone with Robin and he said it was great. Estimate at this time is 400-500 people attended...don't know about funds raised, etc. yet. I understand that the highlight was a "live feed" to John in his hospital room. The audience could see John and John could see all his supporters! How cool. It is reported that John gave a big "thumbs up" to the crowd. I'm sure there will be more posted on the blog about the fundraiser, but for now you will have to be satisfied with these pictures of TEAM CHAPPY - making preparations for the "big event" a couple of weeks ago. Stay warm and get your flu vaccine(s)! Deb