Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year! John goes Home!

John has been released from the hospital to continue his rehab at home. This is the best news we've had yet.

Thank you to everyone who has kept John and Karen and the whole family in their thoughts and prayers over the past nine weeks. We couldn't have made it without you.


  1. Welcome home John!! You truly are a miracle!!! Happy New Year to you and the family and good luck with rehab.

  2. Yeah! Go John!!! You are Amazing!!! We are praying for you still!!

    Erin, Mark and the Kids Oscarson

  3. That is the most wonderful New Years gift I can imagine! May He continue to bless you abundantly in 2010.

    Teri Leeper-Blue

  4. Hey John, Karen and family.

    We are glad that things are going in the right direction. Christmas wishes do come true! We hope that 2010 brings much more joy and a fast recovery. You're all in our prayers and thoughts.

    Barnes Family

  5. I just read your amazing story at OregonLive.com, via Crof's H1N1 Blog.


    Well done for surviving and all the best in your recovery. I'm glad OregonLive.com carried your story and put a face to those who have fallen seriously ill with H1N1/2009 but don't make the media or the statistics.

  6. Have been following John's progress through this blog when I first read it in the online Daily Astorian. So,so glad that you are doing better. Had to let you know there was a big article about you in the Bend Bulletin today and they have reported about you on the local Bend TV news. Not the best way to get state wide attention!!

    A former Gearhart resident. Colleen Staver

  7. We have been following your progress Chappy since you officiated our last match of the fall. It was only a week or so after that match that you went to the hospital. Now months later you have made it home, and we couldn't be happier for you and your family. On and off the pitch, you have affected members of our club in a meaningful way, and we are all pulling for you and a full recovery.

    Snake River RFC