Monday, December 14, 2009


It's time to get caught up on e-mails that have been sent to


  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Glad to hear things are looking brighter for you each day…

    Hang in there brother…

    Jerry Quirke

    Coach, Budd Bay RFC

    Olympia, Wa

  2. This is wonderful news! Thank you for updating all of us out here. I know it is draining to take on that role. I'm praying for the team as well as John and his family. Happy Holidays, Merilee Kautz

  3. We are thankful today for the good news and look forward to seeing your smile and giving Karen a big hug. We miss you and pray daily for your full recovery.


  4. The community misses you. Get well soon.

    The Olstedt Family (Al-stedt) ;)

    Maggie L. Olstedt

  5. Dear John: We retirees, Ken & Nancy Bailey of the former Guest House B & B, are rooting for you and for your supportive family and your faithful team. You've made it this far under such difficult conditions that you will continue to improve - - because you are a tough & special guy (kind of like SNL's wild & crazy guy!)

    I worked many years in both CA & OR as an ICU RN, so I know the gritty details of what you've been going through. My husband knows the scene also from having been an ICU patient and a hospital volunteer. We really sympathize and understand that you've suffered alot & survived alot, but that recovery takes a long time.

    Even when you are "out of the woods" as they say, you won't yet have all your energy back, and you'll still have worries about physical & emotional & financial issues. Just REMEMBER that is quite natural, there are many people out there to help you in a variety of ways. We join the community in sending best wishes and prayers your way. We'll be at the Dec. 11 benefit and hope to see a picture of you, temporarily out of bed and standing with thumbs up ! Sincerely, Nancy & Ken

  6. I was wondering how his kidney function is coming along? I've been in prayer about that. Any news on that?
    I think I read there would be another fundraiser for the Chapman Family. Anything I can do? I'm in Portland.
    Thank you so much,
    Merilee Kautz

  7. John, Karen and family,

    I am so glad that you are on a "normal" floor, it has been a long haul and I know you have more to go, I also know you CAN DO THIS! John now is when your stubbornness kicks in and really works for you...why do you think I am still here!

    All the people that know and love you and even those that have never met you just heard your story are praying for you, the strength and healing energy you are receiving is an amazing can pull off miracles. I emailed GuidePosts and you were prayed over and for on the World Day Of Prayer, powerful being prayed for all over the world!

    There is not a day that goes by that I don't pray, think of you all...your family deserves to recover from all of this and really be able to enjoy each other. Keep getting stronger, know that only good thoughts and energy are being sent to you from up above and the universe.

    God's blessings to you all always in all ways.

    Love to all,

  8. John, we are so thankful to see that prayer really does work. I will continue to pray for your fast recovery and the health and wellbeing of your family. I miss seeing your smiling face dropping in at the drugstore. Hope you are up and walking again soon. It would be great for you to be home for Christmas.

    You are always in our prayers. Continue to improve so that we can hear from you again live on the radio. Its just not the same in the mornings without you to listen to.

    Best wishes

    Teri and Alec Carlson